SAVE THE DATE! 27/3/19 Midlands Forum Conference in Coventry

We're delighted to bring you news of the second national conference organised by the Midlands Higher Education and Culture Forum exploring the legacies, innovations and futures of cultural education, collaborative research and placemaking in the Midlands. In this one-day event we will map the cultural landscape of place in the context of collaboration with universities, creative organisations, projects and individuals.

We encourage you to SAVE THE DATE: 27th March 2019, for this event which will take place at The Empire in Coventry. Full list of speakers and booking information to follow shortly.

This conference encourages a journey both to and from the centre of the country, the Midlands itself, and rather than creating an inward take on our regional identity (or seeming lack of one), the forum here takes a broader view of centrality itself, looking at the theme from a range of contexts and encouraging advocacy and communication.

The Midlands Higher Education Culture Forum was founded in 2017 to build partnerships between Higher Education and the cultural sector across the region and beyond. For the conference, we will take a historic view on the region’s cultural education trajectory and the region’s contributions in developing cutting-edge practices in the arts. We will also traverse the current landscape of collaboration between HE and cultural sectors to identify the opportunities to promote more experimental and creative collaborative research methods. The forum takes a broader view of centrality, drawing from the Midlands examples while looking at forging dialogues with practices and colleagues beyond the region in order to share practices, further its impact and advocate effectively.

Drawing upon dialogues between projects taking place from within and outside of the Midlands, the forum has convened three sessions with our working groups

Cultural Education – a growing archive of learning and knowledge sharing in the Midlands and beyond

Collaborative Research – Innovation, Methods and Current Landscapes

Placemaking - The context of a place for change