Case Study: Beyond the Bauhaus

This PhD Research project, 'Beyond the Bauhaus', focuses on 'Bauhaus Imaginista', conceptualised by Grant Watson and Marion von Osten and led by Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. It is a major international project to mark the centenary of the German art and design school. Focusing on the international dissemination and reception of the Bauhaus, a touring exhibition develops in chapters that extend from Bauhaus education to its diverse histories beyond Europe. To mark the centenary of the founding of the Bauhaus in Weimar in 1919, Nottingham Contemporary (in collaboration with curators Watson and von Osten) will co-produce and co-curate one of the chapters of the international Bauhaus project, Still Undead (September 2019 – January 2020).

Beyond the Bauhaus: New Geographies of Cultural Exchange and Artistic Practices
is a practice-based PhD in collaboration with Nottingham Contemporary and Nottingham Trent University. It extends across disciplinary fields, including visual cultures, cultural studies, post-colonial and global studies, and ‘the curatorial’ to critically investigate and propose new readings around, through and beyond the Bauhaus. This project looks at how the Bauhaus’ entanglements with knowledge production, cultural exchange, and artistic practices across the world can be re-situated in the contexts of colonial, postcolonial, and global networks of influence, as well as in relation to other contemporary geopolitical forces and movements. By critically contextualising the Bauhaus within a broader programme of modernity, this project will allow art-historical hierarchies to be challenged, especially those relating to the centres and margins of artistic and cultural production.

Cultural Sector partner:

Nottingham Contemporary / Carolina Rito

HE Partner and other partners:
In partnership with Midlands4Cities and Nottingham Trent University. Bauhaus Cooperation, the Goethe-Institut and Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

Topic category, (if relevant) working group themes: Collaborative Research

Area of the Midlands: East Midlands – Nottingham; International