Meeting in the Middle: Case studies of collaborative working across the Midlands

Over the next few months, the Forum will be featuring a series of case studies to highlight and bring attention to examples of the great collaborative projects between HE and the cultural sector that are happening across the Midlands. We'll publish a fresh selection of articles every few weeks which we will also share on the project Twitter account @midlandshecf and via our regular Newsletter.

Here are some recent case study examples:
The Bigger Picture
Where Am I?
It Takes A Region to Raise an Artist
Beyond the Bauhaus

Get in touch

If you have information to share and would like to draw attention to a project you are involved in which comprises collaborative working with the cultural sector organisations (or individuals) and higher education, get in touch with the Forum Coordinator beginning your message: 'Case Study'.

Here's what we need from you:

  • Provide a short summary of your project (200 words)
  • Name of the Cultural Sector Organisation and/or HE Institution leading the project and names of any other partners.
  • Any relevant links to online documentation/data/surveys/project blogs
  • Contact email/ phone number (this will only be displayed with your instruction, if relevant.)
  • A high res image to accompany your case study article